Science: Paper Pot

Have you tried to use paper for hotpot? How can the paper pot withstand heat from the fire burning directly under it? Watch this episode now to find out the secret behind it! Hosts:                            P4A Misheel | P4A Sabrina Voice-over:    …

Science: Rocket

A member of IS (Integrated Science) kidnapped Ms Lo and asked for the powerful rocket invented by Science Corps. Can Science Corps save Ms Lo? How can we make a powerful rocket? Watch the episode to find out! Hosts:              P4A Nathaniel | P5B Danielle Voice-over:     S4A GJ…

Book Week

Book Week was a huge success at Ho Yu. A variety of fun-filled activities were designed to celebrate the joy of reading. Let’s share the FUN! Hosts:                         S3A Hazel | S4A Cody Voice-over:                S4A GJ

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