2015 Inter-Class Singing Competition (Primary School)

The Annual Inter-Class Singing Competition was successfully held as students were given a chance to shine on stage. The competition provided students with a platform to showcase their talent and an opportunity to build team spirit. Here are their wonderful performances. Enjoy!

Wrong Pronunciation

Snack or snake? Three or free? This episode is about words that are often mispronounced by many Hong Kong people. Listen carefully so that you can avoid misunderstandings! Hosts:              P6A Joezen | S1D Alyanna Voice-over:     S1D Summer Actors:             P5C Sabrina | S1D Simon…


Chinglish, a mix of English and Chinese, is always ungrammatical, so it can seriously impede communication. Watch this episode and try to get rid of Chinglish! Hosts:                        P3A Sabrina | P5C Tracy Voice-over:               S1D Alyanna Scriptwriter:  …

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